Deployment tooling/Cabal/2017-04-10

2016-04-10 edit

Updates edit

  • RESTBase...was deployed and it was good
    • Environment in !log message
    • Config-diff
  • 3d2png

Current Release edit

  • Prod: 3.5.3-1
  • Beta: 3.5.0-1~20170405221400.106 (2017-04-05)

Next release edit

MediaWiki: scap learned to use the absolute path when running sync commands.
This means you can now run sync commands outside /srv/mediawiki-staging and 
hey should still work (Fixes: T162220 --  thanks TimStarling for your help tracking 
his down!).
scap learned to reloading services in addition to being able to restart them (Fixes: T134001).

TODO: 3.5.5 -- make sure that vars.yaml, checks.yaml, scap.cfg all merge the same way

On the radar/Next/blocking edit

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