Deployment tooling/Cabal/2016-12-12

2016-12-12 edit

Current Release edit

Prod: 3.4.1-1 (2016-12-01) Beta: 3.5.0-1~20161208134046.50 (2016-12-08)

Next release/blocking edit

On the radar/Next edit

  • TODO Cherry picking on deployment host doesn't work for targets
    • Working for a very artificial example on deployment-tin
  • Python3 support
    • Added to vagrant
    • patch work started, but lots of work yet
    • Not in next release for sure.
  • Scap hooks v. scap plugins
  • TODO is scap.cfg environment-specific? e.g., passing --environment beta does that read ./scap/environments/beta/scap.cfg

Blocked edit

Needs review edit

Soon™/Wishlist/On the radar/Updates edit

  • Allow loading plugins from system (instead of just a repo's scap/plugins/ dir or user's ~/.scap/plugins/)
    • This would allow plugins that are useful to multiple repositories (but not good for core scap) to be installed for everyone
    • Trivial to do, but bikeshed over where to put them. /etc/scap/? /usr/lib/scap/? Somewhere else?

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