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2016-10-03 edit

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Tasks edit

  • Scap3 config references to deployed directory (all users, no workaround, incorrect/non-obvious functionality)
    • 2 parts: modifications to deployed directory and what directory that refers to
    • TODO documentation for scap plugins
      • Define your own deploy workflow via plugins in extreme cases (but you're on your own)
  •   In progressAnnounce all deploys via IRC (new functionality)
    • Chad: cli.Application.announce() does exactly what we want already. I just need to refactor the calls to it
    • Announce for beginning and end of deployment
  • Automate beta scap3/keyholder setup (debt)
    • Easy, but dumb to do manually
    • Tricky to automate
  • Make symlink swaps optional (new functionality/experimental)
    • Low prioritiy
  • Oh how I've pined for a version flag (new functionality)
    • Low priority

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