Deployment tooling/Cabal/2016-05-09

2016-05-09 edit

Automation of key generation edit

  • Two related tasks, each have patches that are needed to streamline the scap3 migration:
    • T133211 - Automate the generation deployment keys (keyholder-managed ssh keys)
  • TODOs
    • Ensure scap key cannot be redefined in scap::target -
      • Only specify deployment user, scap::target takes care of keys
      • Keep keyholder puppet functions, remove ssh-keygen
    • Possible keyholder fixups

Cross datacenter TLS edit

Blocking RESTBase edit

  • Checklist:
    • Config deploys (haven't done it in production)
      • Some puppet refactoring needed for ownership
    • Untangle the scap deployment pieces of puppet
    • Config --diff

Random Things edit

  • New package tagged
    • Filippo working on it this week \o/
  • Migration continues

As Always edit