Deployment tooling/Cabal/2016-01-23

2016-01-23 edit

Current Release edit

Prod: 3.4.2-1 (2016-12-14) Beta: 3.5.0-1~20170120173629.81 (2016-01-20)

Updates edit

  • 1st meeting since Dec 19th!

Next release edit

3.5.0 -- this week! Please check beta

Changelog edit

MediaWiki edit

  • sync-dir and sync-file are now the same command
    • sync-dir is deprecated
  • l10n-purge is no longer a command
  • Flatten the deployment directory into a single git repository (prep for git sync)
    • /srv/mediawiki-staging is many git repos
    • /srv/medaiwiki is one git repo
  • Canaries now use explicit service for (checks fatals too)
  • old proxies and canaries (not in mw-installation) ignored
  • Fix for git-cache-info (sha1 regex)

Services/Scap3 edit

  • (no message) -> (no justification)
  • Improved rollback behavior
    • all groups rolled back
    • per group and global failure limit
    • skip rollback where host failed due to ssh

General/Fun edit

  • optional fancy progress bar
  • improved cowsay compatibility for scap say

On the radar/Next/blocking edit

Blocked edit

Needs review edit

Soon™/Wishlist/On the radar/Updates edit

  • Targets via conftool (related: )
    • Host list dumped on tin in /etc/dsh/groups (I think)
    • Check the list of nodes against conftool
    • TODO check conftool availability on deploy hosts/check with guiseppe to verify conftool is usable for outside projects
    • Keeping group in conftool
  • Fanout for scap3 ( )
    • This is primarily for MediaWiki scap3 deploys, could be helpful elsewhere
    • Few ideas floating around: clustershell, swift instead of fanout
    • Simple idea: scap3 deploy to proxy servers, scap2 deploy from proxies to remainder; monitor as we go

Tasks edit

As Always edit