Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-12-14

2015-12-14 edit

Topics edit

  • RelEng working on paving the cow-paths
    • solidifying emerging patterns
  • ClusterShell
    • Fanout ssh connections
    • Maps to scap features pretty well
    • Ops wants simple: fanout ssh and remote execution, clusterssh is possible
  • Working on making /srv/patches awareness
    • git apply --reverse --check
    • in old branch: git cherry -v [new-branch]
      • possibly `checkoutMediaWiki`
  • Pybal saw some things move this week
    • Beta is almost-ready to "simulate" the pybal dooling/depooling via a command on the local machine. Should be tomorrow - Giuseppe will send out an email to everyone in the meeting
    • Scap/vagrant
  • Marko's work on service::node
    • Used for nodejs services
    • basis of plan for aqs/beta deploy
    • patch cherry-picked deployment-puppetmaster
    • AQS nodes currently using RESTBase service w/puppet
      • Transition a bit ambiguous
    • Needs:
      • new aqs module
  • Scap vs trebuchet in puppet
    • ownership of files
  • Scap3 provider work
    • Where does state go? etcd.
    • ensure => latest (should work, but we hate it :))
    • /srv/deployment/[repo]/.git/config-deploy
  • TODO Let's rerevist config-deploy requirements next week

Continuing TODOs edit

As Always edit