Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-12-07

2015-12-07 edit

Topics edit

Big Things Poppin edit

  • Development sprint
  • Deployed AQS on Beta!
    • Puppet changes needed
    • restbase/deploy is hardcoded for ::restbase module
    • Changes needed for ::restbase module to use for AQS
    • Cassandra needs hiera changes
  • Setup deployment from scratch in service-testbed
    • Just started
    • Encountered issues:
      • HTTP server on deployment host needed, and on port 80
      • creating the deploy-cache dir on target fails without editing /etc/sudoers/deploy-service

TODOs from last meeting edit

  • MERGED Jinja template delimiters

Continuing TODOs edit

  • pybal for testing in beta
    • Should be ready on beta for testing next week
    • Not going to be in production before January
    • Labs implementation not "working" but responds correctly
  • Binary file transport
    • Options:
      • git fat
        • Problems in the past
        • Not under active development
      • git lfs
        • no canonical server-side implementation
        • only http/https transport
      • git-annex
        • Joey Hess \o/
        • packaged
        • transport agnostic

As Always edit