Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-10-26

2015-10-26 edit

Topics edit

  • Etherpad times!

Deploy on Beta edit

Tasks created edit

Questions edit

  • Rollback prompt SHA1—possible? Dan?
    • if we send the .done link sha back via structured logging at the onset
  • Config file ownership—discussed Wednesday w/Dan/Mukunda/Tyler
    • TODO: make bug for ^
  • Scap dependencies (netifaces, requests)


Documentation edit

  • DONE `scap/scap.cfg`
  • TODO config_deploy
  • TODO logging
  • TODO checks
  • TODO setting up scap from scratch
  • TODO ^ Make bugs for
    • Project bootstrapping script or at least an example project template repo
  •   Done QUESTION Focus on documentation post-this code review round?


As Always edit