Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-08-17

Things Scap is still missing edit

  1. config deployment
  2. Idempotency
  3. Rollback!
  4. Checks
    1. Port check
    2. request return checks
    3. run command, expect return
    4. logs/metrics checks
  5. Failed batch number bailing (bails if X% deploys fail)
  6. Canary batch (is this and the above redundant?)
  7. Artifact deploy (first iteration, maybe not)—jar files via git-fat, currently (trebuchet) [don't reuse git-fat]

Last week's goal edit

  • Finish evaluations
  • Be ready to discuss/make a decision—decision made Scap3

Topics edit

  • mentioning here as it'd be really cool to have something like that as a functionality

As Always edit