Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-08-03

Last week's goal edit

  • Ansible
    • A standard deploy, rollback, etc without having to learn any ansible-domain-specific code
    • Allow to extend (post-fetch, post-deploy actions, etc) via ansible-domain-specific code
    • simple setup:

Topics edit

  • config changes in ops/puppet
    • Want to be able to deploy as code is deployed
    • etcd to pull host name, etc.
    • restbase dyamic loaded modules
    • User perspective:
      • deploy [whatever]
      • if there are config changes, apply them
  • Testing deployments
    • labs account (not only in beta or staging)

Weekly goal edit

  • Play with scap service sync, rank on spreadsheet
  • continue to build ansible and scap-based deploy tools

As always edit