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2015-07-27 edit

  • Marko playing with Scap 3-point-oh
    • this looks like some great stuff, Tyler!
    • does it do a rolling deploy or parallel?
    • same question for service restarts
      • Tyler: currently runs parallel, but should be simple to serialize/make that an option
    • for storage changes: we need to start only one process on one node to apply it, destroy it and then do a normal restart
    • problem: worker restarts
      • context: the master RESTBase process monitors its workers, when too much RAM, the worker is killed and respawned
      • this implies that some workers might start using the new code before an actual service restart
      • this is a problem for storage schema changes perhaps, need to discuss
    • potential problem: git pull needs to be done before issuing the 'deploy' command
      • perhaps a param in scap.cfg or command line could tell scap which sha1 (or branch name) to check out and do that before tagging and sending the code?
  • Ansible initial thoughts/goals
    • Wrapping up a standard deploy via ansible seems fairly simple (Ansible is built with
    • Started on working with it
    • End goal
      • A standard deploy, rollback, etc without having to learn any ansible-domain-specific code
      • Allow to extend (post-fetch, post-deploy actions, etc) via ansible-domain-specific code

Last week's goal edit

  • Play with Scap 3.0/Trebuchet
    • Rank them on the Spreadsheet
  • Tyler/Mukunda: Work on scap improvments (we didn't)
  • Tyler: Work on Ansible (did some)

Topics edit

Weekly goal edit

Etherpad backed up to Spreadsheet: