Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-07-06

2015-06-29 edit

Last week's goal edit

  • Setup 10 staging restbase instances

Topics edit

  1. Next weeks goal
  • Evaluate against
    • Code distribution (done via remotes set to gerrit)
      • Should fanout
      • Should be capable of deploying artifacts
      • Should be able to set upstream to tin or gerrit (phabricator future)
      • Fanouts maybe should be implemented
      • gerrit → tin → proxy-nodes (like with scap, but git instead of rsync)
      • Artifacts that are built as a part of deployment (l10n cache)
      • Deployment of artifacts (git-annex, transport mechanism agnostic)
  1. What should we focus on
  • multiple approaches, one step at a time
  • one approach, end-to-end, with evaluation

Weekly goal edit

    # Code readability/SLOC     # Modular (can start with simple git checkout for RESTBase but is it modular enought to accommodate other mechanisms?)     # Feedback to user     # Can be aborted (cleanly)     # Verifiable     # Atomic, with depooling / re-pooling?      Etherpad backed up to