Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-06-29

2015-06-29 edit

Topics edit

  1. Any other changes to ?
    1. Keep track of the state of next steps in sub-pages
  2. Staging setup for testing
  3. Weekly goals to track quarterly progress
  4. Testing setup
    1. Use staging
    2. Routes though public internet for fetch
    3. Will need to group differently

Weekly goal edit

  • Setup staging for testing RESTBase
  • Size of staging setup
    • More than 1
    • Big enough to test for next steps
    • 10–12?
  • Cassandra instance per restbase install
  • config example in RESTBase repo w/public wikipedia and parsoid
  • Keys in ops/private also in config example
    • Cassandra user/pass
    • salt
  • metrics/graphite jar file via trebuchet...maybe in labs, definitely in production

Action edit

  • Have test cluster up