Deployment tooling/Cabal/2015-04-06


From : Rethinking deployment tooling and process 

Goal of this group:     To be the team that drives improvements and vision for all deployment tooling at WMF. Short term goals of 1) making the MediaWiki deployment process streamlined and 2) setting out a vision (and rough sketch plan) for turning our mismash of tooling currently in use into a coherent "this is obviously what I want to use to do $X" collection with all the implied removal and/or additions and/or integrations.

There are a lot of good tickets in the deployment-systems project

"Evaluate Ansible as a deployment tool" - "Deployment status indicator for gerrit patches" -

Node.JS service template:

Definition of done:     (Mostly?) Automated deployment without introducing opportunity for human error     Verifiable deployment (did I deploy what I wanted to deploy)     tested on staging

Goals for next week:          High level overview of how scap works currently     High level overview of how trebuchet works currently      Trebuchet:

April 6th edit

  • We want to replace scap with Trebuchet
  • Lots of talk
  • Chad to talk to Ryan
    • I did!
      • Nobody's using it now, but likely to work on it again if we want it and very receptive to patches/ideas/etc.
      • Proxy idea is doable
      • Binaries still a little fuzzy. Git-annex?