Deployment tooling/2013Sprint/Retrospective

We did the DevOps Sprint, which was the first time that I (Greg) know that we called someone a SCRUM master. This implied SCRUM or Agile (without or without (TM)s). We didn't really do SCRUM or Agile, but we have some ideas of how we can improve on what we did do.

Things to do differently edit

  • Make the daily standups much more focused (no more rambling updates)
  • Have a pre-sprint planning meeting where we:
    • Ideally: select items from an already groomed backlog
    • Not as ideally: create a backlog of items that we prioritize
  • Adjust the timing of the daily standup so that it is not in the middle of the day (1pm Pacific seemed to not work well, interruption-wise, for many)

Things to keep the same edit