Cross-wiki Search Result Improvements/Wiktionary widget

Add Wiktionary widget in search resultsEdit

Wiktionary widget
Wiktionary widget expanded for rainbow


The Wiktionary widget provides a relevant result from the English Wiktionary at the top of search results (Special:Search) on the English Wikipedia. It uses an experimental API that pulls information from English Wiktionary to potentially display a variety of things

  • word pronunciation
  • a short definition
  • what part of speech it is (noun, adjective, verb)
  • samples of usage

Depending on the word searched for, you might receive all of the above, some of it, or nothing at all. The display of the widget depends on Wiktionary having an entry for the given search query.


The widget will display on the search results page and the information returned depends on the search query used.


Logged in users can test this new functionality by editing (or creating) a common.js file - more information can be found in the self-guided testing page.


We want to find out if adding information from Wiktionary to the search results will aid users with additional rich data that is useful in the context of the search query the user inputted. There are a subset of search queries on English Wikipedia where a more relevant results would be on Wiktionary (example; AKA, numerous disambiguation pages).

Can I help?Edit

Yes, please! Update your common.js file while logged-in to try out the functionality. Let us know what you think of the Wiktionary results. Is it interesting and/or useful? Feel free to add questions and constructive comments in the talk page.

Additional outreachEdit

We've identified a community that might be interested in providing early feedback for this new functionality (please add more links for additional feedback venues):
* Wiktionary Beer Parlour