Continuous integration/Tutorials/Adding your extension to the shared gate job

The shared gate job is a continuous integration job named wmf-quibble-*. It consists of MediaWiki core, some extensions, and some skins that run all of each other's tests. Without being in the gate, an extension/skin named Example will typically only run its own tests and MediaWiki core's tests. And no other extensions/skins will run Example's tests.

The goal is to test extension compatibility with core and extensions/skins, and prevent breaking changes in core affecting widely used extensions/skins.

The shared gate job takes around 16 minutes as of July 2023.

If you would like to submit a patch to add an extension/skin to the gate, see this example. Zuul will also have to be reloaded by whoever merges the patch, then a test patch should be submitted to Example to confirm that all tests are passing. If tests are failing, the patch adding Example to the gate should be reverted until this is corrected.

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