Continuous integration/Ownership of Selenium Jenkins job

Our Selenium tests provide useful feedback, finding problems in several places, when there is something wrong with:

  • the repository they are testing (broken production or test code),
  • beta and/or production clusters,
  • continuous integration.

It is really important that all tests that run daily are green all the time. If there is a failure, we have to investigate and fix it as soon as possible, ideally in one business day. To be able to do that, we need contact information for each repository. Selenium Jenkins jobs are documented in selenium.yaml file of integration/config repository (diffusion, gerrit). See also T134492.

What does taking ownership mean?

  • Your e-mail address and Phabricator username will be added to Jenkins job repository configuration.
  • You will receive one e-mail a day per repository and job, but only if there are any failed jobs.

In short, if you are an owner of one repository with one job, you will receive 0-2 e-mails a day, depending on the stability of the job. It will be your responsibility to fix the job. If you need help, please contact Željko Filipin or anybody else from Wikimedia Release Engineering Team.