Continuous integration/Language Versions Policy

Programming language versions supported by CI.

The table below might become outdated, actually deployed versions are defined in integration/config.git:dockerfiles/.


Version Support Base Image Comment
8 YES Debian Bullseye
11 YES Debian Buster


Version Support Npm Base Image
10 NO (task T302221) - -
12 NO - -
14 NO - -
16 YES 8.19.3
18 YES 9.6.2
20 YES 9.8.0
Version Support Comment
7.2 NO No more supported
7.3 LIMITED[1] Debian Buster
7.4 YES Debian Bullseye (we use the Wikimedia fork use to run MediaWiki)
8.0 YES
8.1 YES
8.2 YES
8.3 NO Coming soon (upstream release date in November 2023)
  1. Old branches only.



The base image is which is based on Debian Buster. Its image definition is dockerfiles/tox-buster/Dockerfile.template.

We installed the Python packages from the base Debian distributions and have backported Debian packages to offer additional versions.

Version Support Comment
2.7 YES Obsolete. Version that came with Debian Buster
3.5 YES
3.6 YES
3.7 YES Version provided by Debian Buster
3.8 YES
3.9 YES
3.10 NO task T342019
3.11 NO task T342019
3.12 NO task T342019