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This page is a translated version of the page Content translation/cxserver and the translation is 55% complete.

cxserver is a Nodejs based stateless server powering the Content Translation. It does the following:

  1. Fetch the page html for given title and language from a configured parsoid instance, segment the html content to sections and sentences.
  2. Pese atilẹyin MT. Expose a generic MT API, the backend of that act as bridge to multiple Machine Translation services hosted outside cxserver such as Apertium. It also transfers the mark from source HTML to translated HTML in case MT services are capable of only plain text translation.
  3. Pese API itumọ-itumọ fun wiwa iwe-itumọ - boya nipasẹ dictd, awọn alabara iwe-itumọ json ti a ṣajọpọ ni cxserver tabi nipa kikan si awọn iṣẹ ẹnikẹta.
  4. Awọn irinṣẹ toto api fun bata ede - kikojọ kini awọn irinṣẹ itumọ ti o wa fun bata ede naa.

CXServer ko mu alaye olumulo eyikeyi, ko nilo eyikeyi ìfàṣẹsí. Ko kan si eyikeyi MediaWiki aaye data taara.

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