Content translation/QA

Persona based testing

  • New user
  • Existing user
  • Returning user testing.

Browser testing

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • CBT options can be used.

Language pairs

  • Group the language pairs to sensible sets and test a sample from each group- end to end testing.
  • Language pair with mixed directions.
  • Language pair without MT.
  • Language pair with MT (internal service).
  • Language pair with MT (external service).

Time/resource management ideas

  • Complete the whole test plan once in a week time- 5 days.
  • Focused task based testing - one per each task.
  • Master stability testing - focused on the features added and sanity testing prior to branching.



[dead link] ) is always on master (Delay 30 minutes).

[dead link] ) is always on master (Delay 30 minutes).

    • cxserver ( is always on master (With some delay).
  • cawiki, hewiki in Production updated every Wednesday with train.

Depth of testing

Feature Details Examples/test pages
  • with and without content on all cells
  • very wide tables
  • very large tables
  • table with images
  • tables with Maths/Science formulae
  • tables with different writing direction
  • tables with RTL
  • tables in CJK
  • Long lists
  • Add new link
  • red link
  • delete link
  • external link
  • search link
  • search links in Indic/RTL/CJK
  • (language related complications like same word used differently etc.)
IME testing & ULS
  • enabled
  • disabled
  • available in every part of CX
  • changes visible
  • adaptation matches correctly
  • category removal works
  • new article gets added to Wikidata
CX Menus
  • All menu items are visible
  • Check for RTL wikis
  • New changes are displayed
Wiki campaigns
  • Outside beta
    • CXStats
    • SpecialCX
    • New user
  • Inside beta
    • CX menu
  • 1, 10, 100
  • 2nd translation suggestions
Entry points
  • Interlanguage links
  • Featured articles
  • Marking with star
  • Discard  suggestion
  • Accept suggestion
  • Duplicate suggestions
  • Repeat display of discarded suggestion
  • Suggestion appears for existing articles
  • Suggestion appears for articles in Draft/In progress
MT Services
  • Providers are active
  • Default providers selected
  • Translations are actually happening
  • Revert to Source
  • RTL MTs
  • Mix language MTs
  • Clear Paragraph
  • Revert
  • Use source text
  • AbuseFilter
    • Test Wiki specific AbuseFilters.
  • Publishing failures
  • Publishing button behaviour - turns green, stays grey, clickable, publishes something, delay in publishing
  • Publish over existing article
  • Publish in User namespace.
  • Publish on article without Wikidata link to source article.
  • Publish article after long delay (and check formatting)
  • Format toolbar
  • IME
  • Local settings from Wiki
  • Combinations from user.
  • Writing after bold, superscript, links etc.
  • Add
  • Delete
  • Refcard display



  • Draft is available.
  • Draft is saved
  • Draft can be deleted
  • Restore article from draft.
  • Format
  • Test if source article is changed.
  • Sections are OK in draft.
Post-publishing errors
  • Unnecessary tags
  • Invisible characters, spaces, line breaks
  • Reference adaptation, Reference duplication
  • Inline templates
Retranslation of already published article
  • Immediately after publishing
  • complete retranslation (ignoring the article exists warning) - loading of any existing translation
  • All warnings are displayed appropriately
New wikis with CX
  • Test CX on newly setup wikis