Content translation/Product Definition/Campaigns

Since November 2015, Content Translation supports campaigns. This feature has a big future, but as of now, it is simply a list of articles that is manually created in the Content Translation central database, and shown as suggestions to Content Translation users on the dashboard.

There are plans for the future to let every user create campaigns through the Content Translation web interface, to synchronize them with categories, to track campaigns' progress and statistics. See the Phabricator ticket for more details.

Creating a campaign


At the moment, developers who have access to the production server can create a campaign by running the script script/manage-lists.php from the Content Translation source directory.

(optional) Actually execute the actions (without this option it will be a dry run that will only show the articles that would be added).
Source language (real language, not the domain; the domain is calculated by the software.)
Target language (real language, not the domain; the domain is calculated by the software.)
Use the pages from this category, but not present in the corresponding category in the target language. Example: Featured_articles',
Type of the list. Allowed values: (a) featured (b) category.
Display name of the suggestion list (plain text):

The script must run at the same server on which MediaWiki is installed, and which has access to the shared Content Translation database.

The pages are added only once, explicitly by their title. At the moment they are not synchronized with updates on the wiki, so if new pages are added to the category, the script must run again. There is a plan to improve it in future releases.