Content translation/Deployments/Labs

This page will contain all information related to ContentTranslation extension on Labs.

Client and server edit

Testing edit

  1. To test your patch (on both ContentTranslation extension and server), you can "cherry pick" patch from Gerrit.
  2. You should disable cron by commenting entries using `crontab -e` before it.
  3. Make sure that git is pointing to HEAD after test is done and cron is enable again.

Log edit

  1. cxserver log is accessible using `sudo service cxserver status` or `sudo journalctl -u cxserver.service -b`

Debugging edit

  1. Restart cxserver: sudo service cxserver restart
  2. Check if cron is working properly, /cxserver code should be on git HEAD at any point of time.
  3. Reboot instance via, (access required).