Content translation/Deployments/Checklist

This is checklist to follow before cxserver is deployed in Production:


  1. All automated tests are passed.
  2. Test configuration in Labs/Beta.


  1. Check all endpoints: /v1?doc
  2. Start translation with CX1 from master with to be deployed cxserver. Test against patches going to be in production.


  1. Check all endpoints: /v2?doc



  1. Apertium package in Labs instance (language-apertium) OK? In case of new package, install it manually.
  2. Check if pair is single directional or bi-directional?
  3. Mapping is added in cxserver/lib/mt/Apertium.languagenames.json for new language.

External MTsEdit

  1. Test with provided keys (if any).
  2. Check in dashboard (if any).
  3. Logstash log some errors for external MTs.


  1. Patch for cxserver/deploy is built without any error. Default build system is Debian Jessie at moment. Note down any error(s) and follow up.
  2. When not intended, do not update node_modules (--force option)
  3. Patch is deployed in Beta and and end points are OK.
  4. No errors during deployment to canary. Else stop and revert the deployment.

Post deploymentEdit

  1. End-points are OK.
  2. Watch logstash:
  3. Test CX1 and CX2 again in Production.
  4. Watch: [Broken Link T211982]

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