Code review/Patch board

Often people complain that their patches fall through the cracks or that it can be really difficult to get reviews for some patches. This is an experimental process meant to address that. It is an experiment, so it may change or be discarded.

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Looking for guidance to move your patch forward?

In short - each person is allowed to list one of their patches on this board that they would really like to see reviewed. You can only list one patch at a time, and it should be a patch that you have been unable to get review through normal means.

Hopefully by listing your patch here, you can finally receive the review you need to get your patch moving.



Listing patches

  • If you list a patch, then you are taking responsibility for addressing any code review.
    • Any -1s from humans or Jenkins should already have been addressed.
  • Patches should have already been tested and (in theory) ready for an immediate +2. Work in progress patches should not be included.
    • It should apply cleanly to master or have recently been rebased.
  • For now, only patches to MediaWiki core or a Wikimedia-deployed extension. (In future maybe we'll expand to other things if this goes well.)
  • Avoid controversial patches - whether from an architectural or user perspective. This process is not a replacement for TDF/TechCom, Phabricator discussions or a wikitech-l post.
    • If there is active disagreement about whether the thing the patch is doing is a good idea in principle, you have to get consensus on that before bringing it here.
  • Smaller patches will get reviewed faster and are preferred. Try to avoid "XL" patches in Gerrit when possible. Consider splitting large patches into multiple separate dependent patches
  • You may wish to tag your patch with the hashtag patchboard — a list of all patchboard-tagged patches can be found here.

Reviewing patches




archive of patches that are merged or abandoned



You can only have one patch listed at a time, add new entries to the bottom. If you change which patch you want reviewed, it should go back to the bottom.

In progress


If you're reviewing a patch, and you give it a -1, move it to this section. Ideally, the same reviewer should re-review it when the original contributor fixes the issues. Once a patch is either merged, abandoned or given a -2, it should be moved to the archives. Patches with a -1 pending for more than two weeks can also be moved to the archive. If after the patch has had its issues resolved it gets stuck again for whatever reason, the original contributor is allowed to move it back to the patches section in the spot where it originally was.

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