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Update the CLI binary

Note Note: You might need to use sudo if your user can't write to the binary.

Example edit

Update edit

$ sudo mw update
New update found: 0.2.0
 Do you want to update?: y█
Successfuly updated to version0.2.0
Release note:
Release from
These binaries were built by Gitlab CI and copied here by @addshore
This is the second release built by CI on Gitlab, but the first that will be served to users.
This will be the FINAL release on this Github repository.
From this point forward users will automatically update from Gitlab releases.

CHANGELOG extracted from

- Added verbose flags to the `version` and `update` commands.
- Changed default output of the `version` command.
- Changed default output of the `update` command when no update is available, making the output more useful.
- Removed `update_channel` from the configuration, the only update channel is now Gitlab.

No update needed edit

$ sudo mw update
No update available

Verbose mode:

$ sudo mw update -v=2
No update available
Current version is: 0.2.0
Latest availible is: 0.2.0