Category:Extensions by integration target/hu

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A Extensions by integration target/hu kategória harmadik fél alkalmazásokkal és/vagy más MediaWiki-kiterjesztésekkel integrálódó kiterjesztések cikkeit tartalmazza.

Extension searchers: This page contains two lists in alphabetical order by integration target name: categories and articles. If you do not find what you need in the list of subcategories, please check the articles. If an integration target has only one or two extensions it may not have a dedicated subcategory and will be found instead in the article list.

Extension maintainers and wiki gnomes: If you are adding extensions to this category, please use the integration target as a sort key. That will make it easier for us to see when we've suddenly got several extensions for the same target. Also, if you happen to see several extensions for the same target listed in the article section, please consider taking the time to create a sub-category for those articles. That will make it easier for users to find all the extensions related to a particular 3rd party application or extension.


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