Brighton Hackathon 2011

The Brighton Hackathon 2011 was an event designed to allow developers to come together to work on Wikimedia-related projects (including MediaWiki), and to squash bugs. It was held in Brighton, England, 19th-20th November 2011. You can get an overview of the city on WikiTravel.

Venue edit

The Skiff.

We'll be meeting at:

The Skiff
6 Gloucester Street
Brighton BN1 4EW
United Kingdom
bookings (getting there)

Schedule edit

Part of the schedule was created during the event, putting in lightning talks.

Friday 18th edit

Evening Table booked at Lange Lees for 6.30PM

Saturday 19th edit

10am Sign in & Late registrations
10:30am Opening Presentation
10:40am onwards TBA
Evening Social activity
9.00PM Venue Kickout

Sunday 20th edit

10am onwards TBA
4:30pm Closing presentation and cleanup
5pm Closing
Evening Social activity

Attendees edit

Note: This list is not up to date. There were 11 registered attendees on 17 November 2011.

  • AlisonW (depending on exact location & start time)
  • Rich Farmbrough 09:41, 30 August 2011 (UTC). (provisional)Reply[reply]
  • Spike (very provisional)
  • Add your name here if you're intending to come!

Side programme edit

Volunteers edit

Topics edit

Here are the things we want to focus on at the hackathon, feel free to add anything you would like to work on to this list:

Getting there edit

Train edit

Brighton is on the south coast of England with fast rail services to London Victoria, London Bridge, Kings Cross-St Pancras (for Eurostar), and Bedford

Air edit

London Gatwick Airport is midway between London and Brighton with a fast train connection to Brighton. You can get informations about train tickets at the airport website:

Accommodation edit

Brighton has a wide variety of hotels, here are a few selected ones with internet connection:

Contact edit

  • mail: lewiscawte
  • Panic Phone for emergencies: *removed*
  • Logistics: Lewis Cawte

Any questions? edit

  1. Do I have to be a member of Wikimedia UK?
    No, this is open to all. However if you would like to join Wikimedia UK and get involved in other projects like this or start your own, you can do so here
  2. What do I need to bring?
    You need to bring a laptop, although it would be helpful if you could bring spare powercables etc., too.
  3. What's happening for lunch?
    Lunch will be provided at the event on both days, however you are welcome to bring your own food if you please. There is a microwave, sink, kettle and hot water urn available.
  4. Are there any side events in the evenings?
    There are trips to pubs and meals going on. This is going to be run similarly to an unconference in that sense.