Auth systems/OAuth/IRC log 2013-05-09

May 10 11:03:58 <csteipp> guten tag!
May 10 11:04:08 * anomie|away is now known as anomie
May 10 11:04:27 * Aaron|home ( has joined #mediawiki-oauth
May 10 11:05:23 <csteipp> Alright, I'm still catching up on emails from the week,
May 10 11:05:24 <pgehres> hola
May 10 11:05:41 <csteipp> but I think this past week we got deployed. Yay!
May 10 11:06:13 <csteipp> I saw some patches from Aaron|home to improve the login redirect-- Aaron, are those going ok? Need help?
May 10 11:06:16 <pgehres> all hail reedy!
May 10 11:07:12 <Aaron|home> csteipp: they seem fine, maybe it will get merged soon
May 10 11:07:36 * Aaron|home is on PS2
May 10 11:07:50 <Aaron|home> (patch set)
May 10 11:08:23 <csteipp> Cool, and it's just the one change in gerrit, right?
May 10 11:08:37 * anomie thought Aaron|home was on IRC via a Playstation 2
May 10 11:08:54 <csteipp> That would be awesome if it were the case :)
May 10 11:10:55 <Aaron|home> just one change, yes
May 10 11:11:22 <Aaron|home> anomie: well that's why get a PS2, to use IRC
May 10 11:11:32 <csteipp> Cool. I'll look at it tomorrow too, and anomie it would be great if you could relook at it too.
May 10 11:11:48 * Aaron|home wonders if "relook" is a word
May 10 11:12:12 <anomie> ok
May 10 11:13:32 <csteipp> Alright, and then anomie's patch for the js check-- anomie, did you update it from Brandon's input last week?
May 10 11:13:54 <csteipp> I also saw the image -> iframe patch
May 10 11:14:08 <anomie> Based on what Robla was talking about after the fact, yes
May 10 11:14:11 <csteipp> (
May 10 11:14:36 <anomie> Right now it's using mw.notify, but that can easily enough be changed to rewrite the p-personal area if we really want.
May 10 11:14:37 <csteipp> So it's waiting for review now?
May 10 11:14:41 <anomie> yes
May 10 11:15:42 <csteipp> Great. Can we get both that and Aaron's patch put onto the labs instance?
May 10 11:16:25 <anomie> Mine already is. I can get Aaron|home's in there tomorrow morning
May 10 11:17:23 <csteipp> That would be great. I'd like to see / show a few people the UX, just to make sure it's what everyone was thinking.
May 10 11:18:02 <csteipp> TimStarling: Any chance you have time to review anomie js check patch, to get it merged?
May 10 11:19:11 <TimStarling> yes, should be possible
May 10 11:19:25 <csteipp> Cool. that would be
May 10 11:21:09 <csteipp> SUL finalization stuff is progressing. pgehres, anything you're waiting on anyone for that?
May 10 11:22:02 <csteipp> (i think it's a no, but wanted to check)
May 10 11:23:32 <pgehres> not that i know of? global remane ...
May 10 11:23:40 <pgehres> but that's not an immediate blocker
May 10 11:23:42 <csteipp> Yep, that's top of my list :)
May 10 11:24:35 <csteipp> Alright, OAuth. anomie, were you able to write up any more of the permission handling design this week?
May 10 11:25:03 <anomie> I put in some stuff last week, but I haven't had a chance to get back to it since
May 10 11:25:39 <csteipp> Which page was that on?
May 10 11:26:20 <anomie>
May 10 11:28:00 <csteipp> Great, I'll probably have a few questions inline tomorrow :)
May 10 11:28:06 <anomie> ok
May 10 11:29:31 <csteipp> Cool, so for the actual OAuth pages, I think the next step is to actually start getting some code put in.
May 10 11:29:58 <Aaron|home> is there an MW repo for this yet?
May 10 11:30:57 <csteipp> Not yet... pgehres, could you bug chad to get us a repo tomorrow?
May 10 11:31:09 <pgehres> sure. name?
May 10 11:31:26 <csteipp> OAuth ?
May 10 11:31:37 <pgehres> is it an MW extension?
May 10 11:31:42 <csteipp> Yep
May 10 11:31:45 <pgehres> kk
May 10 11:33:52 <csteipp> Cool. Once we have that, if anyone wants to start putting in the basic classes and structure, that would be great
May 10 11:35:15 <csteipp> Alright, since I have plenty of stuff to finish tonight, I'm up for ending, unless anyone has anything else?
May 10 11:35:43 <pgehres> csteipp: nope, but
May 10 11:36:18 <pgehres> i'll follow up on IRC tmr :-)
May 10 11:36:50 <pgehres> have a good night / morning everyone
May 10 11:36:51 <csteipp> thank you!
May 10 11:36:58 <csteipp> Night all