Auth systems/OAuth/IRC log 2013-04-11

Apr 12 11:07:44 <TimStarling> how's it going?
Apr 12 11:08:03 <csteipp> Not bad :)
Apr 12 11:08:23 <csteipp> I think anomie finished up the javascript/iframe check
Apr 12 11:08:37 <csteipp> Except was having some issues with IE8 sending cookies to the iframe
Apr 12 11:08:55 <anomie> And it still needs testing in other browsers.
Apr 12 11:09:00 <csteipp> Yep
Apr 12 11:09:18 <csteipp> anomie: I didn't get around to digging into the code, but for testing
Apr 12 11:09:29 <csteipp> what cookies do I need the central domain to have?
Apr 12 11:09:50 <csteipp> If I want to mimic a logged in user, before Aaron finishes his bit
Apr 12 11:10:21 <anomie> I turned off the image-based login, so you should just be able to log in on the central domain and then visit one of the other two.
Apr 12 11:10:30 <csteipp> Ah, gatcha :)
Apr 12 11:10:45 <csteipp> (in retrospec, that sounds like the obvious solution)
Apr 12 11:11:39 <csteipp> Cool. Do you have a browserstack account, by any chance?
Apr 12 11:11:46 <anomie> It needs either the centralauth_User and centralauth_Token cookies, or it needs 'user' and 'token' stored in the centralauth session.
Apr 12 11:11:55 <anomie> No, I don't
Apr 12 11:12:37 <csteipp> I have one, so I can start testing a bunch of browsers tomorrow. But it might be worth it to get you one too.
Apr 12 11:13:56 <csteipp> Cool. Has Tim looked at your api-token patches yet?
Apr 12 11:15:21 <anomie> He hasn't reviewed it, don't know if he looked yet.
Apr 12 11:16:30 <csteipp> Cool. No huge rush.
Apr 12 11:17:32 <csteipp> Ok, so Aaron thinks he can get the redirect stuff done in the next couple of days, so hopefully we're be ready to do a full test on the whole SUL2 big starting next week
Apr 12 11:17:35 <csteipp> Yay
Apr 12 11:17:53 <TimStarling> that is ?
Apr 12 11:18:29 <csteipp> That looks like the right one to me
Apr 12 11:18:46 <csteipp> Yep
Apr 12 11:18:53 <TimStarling> I think I looked at that before and got as far as the line count (+296), sorry about that
Apr 12 11:18:54 <anomie> The API thing? yes
Apr 12 11:19:11 <csteipp> No rush, but I'll stop asking as soon as you do :)
Apr 12 11:20:44 <csteipp> Cool. So starting next week, I'll also start putting together some designs for the OAuth pieces. And hopefully we can start coding that soon.
Apr 12 11:21:22 <csteipp> I think I have most of my questions answered, but have either of you guys had more thoughts on it since last week?
Apr 12 11:23:36 <TimStarling> not really :)
Apr 12 11:23:55 <csteipp> Cool. I'll keep updating I'm thinking this really shouldn't be too difficult.
Apr 12 11:24:19 <csteipp> Ok, that's all I have. Anything else I can do for you guys related to this?
Apr 12 11:25:03 <TimStarling> how can anomie get a browserstack account? is that something robla has to help with?
Apr 12 11:25:23 <csteipp> I asked Rachel and she gave it to me
Apr 12 11:25:33 <csteipp> I think I asked Robla first, and he said to ask her
Apr 12 11:25:35 * Aaron|home has joined #mediawiki-oauth
Apr 12 11:25:50 * anomie will send an email
Apr 12 11:26:02 <TimStarling> good
Apr 12 11:27:09 <csteipp> Hey Aaron|home. I think we're just wrapping up.
Apr 12 11:27:43 <csteipp> I mentioned you were working on the redirect stuff over the next couple of days
Apr 12 11:27:51 <csteipp> Anything else you need from anyone?
Apr 12 11:28:02 <Aaron|home> sorry, I must have taken too long to eat a sandwich and a slice of cake :)
Apr 12 11:28:23 <Aaron|home> but yeah I'll be on that again tomorrow
Apr 12 11:29:02 <csteipp> Cool. Let me know if you need any help on it. Or I botched something in the design.
Apr 12 11:30:42 <csteipp> Alright, I'm now off to consume dinner, since Aaron made me hungry :). Thanks everyone!