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at-ease is a PHP library that provides a safe alternative to PHP's @ error control operator. From 2010 to 2020, it was recommended not to use @ in MediaWiki and extensions, but instead use this library. The code was originally introduced to MediaWiki in r4261, and then split out into a separate library during the MediaWiki 1.26 development cycle.

Since 2020 and the better support of fatal error handling in PHP 7, it is recommended to use @ in MediaWiki and extensions: see the "Error handling" section on the PHP coding conventions page.


use Wikimedia\AtEase\AtEase;

// Suppress warnings in a block of code:
$content = file_get_contents( 'foobar.txt' );

// ..or in a callback function:
AtEase::quietCall( 'file_get_contents', 'foobar.txt' );

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