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Option 1: Feedback - A new design for Version 5 of the Article Feedback Tool

This page lists useful links for the Article Feedback Tool Version 5 (AFT V5).

See also: project overview page, feature requirements page, interactive prototype, as well as technical design page, data and metrics plan and our live metrics dashboard.

Sample PagesEdit

Here are some sample pages on English Encyclopedia - showing the Article Feedback Tool in action:

Overview and ReportsEdit

Project Timeline and ScheduleEdit

  • AFT5 Timeline (a spreadsheet which shows the whole AFTv5 timeline at a glance)
  • AFT5 Schedule (a document that lists all tasks on a week-by-week basis)

Community linksEdit

Metrics linksEdit

Development linksEdit

Bugs & Feature Requests on Bugzilla:


Feedback page on prototype:

Feedback forms on prototype:

English Encyclopedia - Sample Golden-crowned Sparrow page:

English Encyclopedia - Controversial Obama page:

English Encyclopedia - Non-controversial Drew Barrymore page

Other development links: