Article feedback/Log

For a monthly history of AFT's development see Article feedback/status

This page documents milestones and upgrades as part of the Article feedback experiment. The version number is the one used in the research section.

Date Upgrade Version
2011-10-03 Planning and design work begins on a new version 5 of the Article Feedback Tool.
2011-07-25 Global deployment to the English Wikipedia completed
2011-07-13 Starting gradual global deployment to the English Wikipedia
2011-06-30 Added tooltips displaying a descriptive legend for the rating stars
2011-06-10 Added user preference to hide AFT globally; deployed new experimental table in Article Feedback Dashboard
2011-06-03 Added a "what's this" link
2011-06-02 Deployed fixes for redirect pages, print view and respect click tracking ratio for edit submissions
2011-05-26 Increased click tracking up to 10%; A/B testing concluded and removed bucketing for expertise checkbox AFT v.4
2011-05-09 Released Article Feedback Dashboard & AFT applied to a random sample of 100k articles; design bucket changed to fix overweighting of join CTA; reduced click tracking to 2%
2011-04-28 Released email capture and started A/B testing for expertise checkbox AFT v.3
2011-04-15 Released IE Patches and event tracking
2011-03-24 AFT added to 3,000 articles of the English Wikipedia
2011-03-14 New quality categories; introducing calls to action; UI changes AFT v.2
2010-11-10 AFT started to be placed on 50 additional pages
2010-09-22 AFT Public Policy Pilot goes live AFT v.1