Architecture Summit 2014/Day1 Agenda planning

Architecture Summit – Day 1 (for Day 2, see )

Purpose: keep track of co-ordination, housekeeping and last minute changes


Venue notes edit

  • We have floors 1, 2, 4 (en-gb: G, 1, 3).
  • No smoking anywhere!
  • Wifi is bad for some (who?) people. Not much we can do
    • works fine for me personally -- daniel kinzler
    • Me too (bawolff)
    • It broke for me when I stood up --alex Please don't get up, its dangerous up there. sumana made me
    • Is anybody still having problems, now that we are a bit more spread?
  • we need more chairs
    • there are empty chairs at the front...
      • let's move them to the back then :P
  • we need more power strips
    • tell Rachel / Quim where, might be EASYFIX
    • How safe is it to have 6-7 of them chained anyway?
  • we need more tables
    • this might get better in breakout sessions -- if we put more tables in the plenary sessions then we have less space altogether
      • +1 (daniel k)

Architecture Summit – Day 1

Purpose: keep track of co-ordination, housekeeping and last minute changes

  • pony is needed
    • needs more cowbell^H^H^H^Hpony bell

Introduction edit

Live IRC chat: use #wikimedia-dev Twitter TAG: #MWSummit2014 (#MWSummit was taken by some cancer-related event)

Think about how we build software, not just what we build. Consider radical options!

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! If it doesn't make it to the mailing lists with pics and on reddit in the end, it didn't happen.

Changes to the schedule to be agreed in the Agenda bashing & Breakout Planning sessions.

RFCs supposed to get quick resolution: apply to the RFC Roulette on Friday.

Everyone be friendly! (but not too friendly)

Introducing non-WMF attendants edit

The purpose of this introduction is to make sure that the faces and agendas of non-WMF contributors are known by the rest (since we have a majority of WMF employees here, and they have many chances to meet regularly).

Presentations by groups of interest:

  • Core
  • Third parties
  • Wikia
  • Internationalization
  • TitleValue (Wikidata, actually)
  • Frontend.

Sumana, could you add names here (ones from the list you showed)?

Agenda bashing edit

15:45 - 17:00 Plenary Session set to Configuration

Performance is also very popular -- will be a breakout

HTML Templating session edit

UI Styling session edit

TitleValue edit

SQL abstraction edit

Configuration edit