Amsterdam Hackathon 2014/Topics/Artworks import from Wikimedia Commons

The goal is to import artworks in Wikidata from Wikimedia Commons files with the artwork template.

Wikimedia Commons extractionEdit

An extraction of Wikimedia Commons files with the template Artworks has been done by a Wikimedian in september 2014.

The file:

Result: 190.000 files with 105 different properties

Table of the 105 properties with occurences:

Preparation for WikidataEdit

For a wikidata import:

  • remove useless properties (detail, review, informations on the file...)
  • merge redundant properties (artist-creator..)

Result: new version with 27 properties.

The file:

Table of the 27 properties:


  • Fields values are heterogeneous
  • Artworks still in Wikidata and another with artworks with two or more occurences in the table.


At this point, many options. Some proposals:

  1. Global processing on fields (example on date)
  2. Division in lots (by institution?)
  3. First option 1 for some properties then option 2.
  4. Extract files with well formed metadata first