Actionable cleanup templates

This document outlines ideas for a new mobile web feature intended to make cleanup templates more actionable on mobile, in order to give new/casual mobile users an easier entry-point into contribution.


User storiesEdit

  • As a potential editor, I want to know exactly what needs to be done to improve an article, so I don't have to spend a lot of time scrolling up and down to find what needs to be improved.
  • As a new editor, I want to continue improving articles once I know how.

Product objectivesEdit

  1. Give potential and new editors a focused, simple task that measurably improves an article
  2. Turn cleanup templates from a passive reader experience (i.e., a warning or disclaimer) to a more active, engaging one for new and potential editors


  1. Give potential and new editors easy tasks
  2. Improve the quality of articles
  3. Reduce the cleanup backlog

User experienceEdit


  1. When I land on a page with an actionable cleanup template, I get a call to action at the top of the page asking me to improve the page
  2. Depending on the cleanup action needed and the wiki preferences, when I tap on the call to action, I am taken to the wikitext editor or VE
  3. After I save my edit, I get a message asking me if I want to improve another article with similar issues
  4. If I tap the message, I am taken to another article in the same cleanup category and can repeat the process

Potential mobile-friendly tasksEdit

VisualEditor onlyEdit

No footnotesEdit

What: Articles that have references but no in-line citations.

How: [VE only] Get user to add in-line notes from existing references via the VE citation dialog

All English Wikipedia articles lacking footnotes


What: Articles that lack internal links.

How: [VE only] Get user to add links via the VE link inspector

All English Wikipedia articles needing wikification

VE or wikitextEdit


What: Articles needing spelling, grammar, or other text formatting changes

How: Take user into editor for sections that need cleanup

All English Wikipedia articles needing cleanup

Test planEdit

  1. Test taking user directly into wikitext or VE editing vs. showing user a guided tour
  2. Test different kinds of actions (e.g., add links, copyedit, add reference)