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Page info in search results


This shows the API results that search results use to display additional information about articles, including a lead image and a description of the article's subject from Wikidata.

Showing nearby places information


This shows how to query the MediaWiki API for nearby articles


Make requests and see results in the MediaWiki API Sandbox


Request content and metadata of Wikimedia articles with our REST API



  • The MediaWiki action API (documentation) is a collection of API modules on each wiki that let you query and manipulate its content. Check API:Action API for a list of available Action APIs.
  • The Wikidata API (documentation) consists of several such modules running on Wikidata wiki that let you query and manipulate language-independent information.
  • The RESTBase content API (generated documentation) runs on each wiki so you can retrieve page content quickly and easily.
  • You can search wiki content using various modules in the action API, and Wikidata has its own Wikidata query service. Search and discovery provides an overview.

There are many other ways to contribute to MediaWiki.