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其中,最重要的三种MediaWiki API是:

Note that the MediaWiki Action API and the MediaWiki JavaScript API are both modular: both can be extended by extensions, so the available API modules can differ from wiki to wiki.[1]While the API modules built into MediaWiki Core are available in most MediaWiki wikis, built-in Action API modules can also be disabled .

Within the context of the MediaWiki website the Action API can be accessed from JavaScript via the mw.API JavaScript API. For libraries to access the MediaWiki Action API from your favorite programming language, see API:客户端代码 .

其他web API

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API Availability URL base Example
  MediaWiki Action API Included with MediaWiki

Enabled on Wikimedia projects

  MediaWiki REST API Included with MediaWiki 1.35+

Enabled on Wikimedia projects

  Wikimedia REST API Not included with MediaWiki

Available for Wikimedia projects only

  For commercial-scale APIs for Wikimedia projects, see Wikimedia Enterprise


Suggestions and ideas for the MediaWiki APIs are tracked on Phabricator :


  1. For extending the Action API, see API:扩展 . For information about JavaScript modules, see 资源加载器 .