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重定向頁是用來將讀者引導至另一文章的功能。 這功能主要是用於解決多譯名、別名的狀況。


首先你必須為你想重定向的名字建立一個新頁面(見Help:Starting a new page)。 你也可以編輯一個已存在,但是廢棄的頁面,按上方的"編輯"鈕即可。 不管是哪種狀況,建立重定向的方法都一樣,只需在文章的最前端加上:

#REDIRECT [[页面名称]]

where pagename is the name of the destination page. The word "redirect" is not case-sensitive, but there must be no space before the "#" symbol. Any text before the code will disable the code and prevent a redirect. Any text or regular content code after the redirect code will be ignored (and should be deleted from an existing page). However, to put or keep the current page name listed in a Category, the usual tag for that category is entered or kept on a line after the redirect code entry.

請記得使用編輯視窗下面的'顯示預覽'鈕,或是Alt-P,來確定你輸入的頁面名是正確的。 預覽頁和真實效果有點不同,會看起來像列表,而目標頁的字是藍色的:

1. REDIRECT  页面名称

如果你指定的pagename是尚未建立的,會變成紅字。 在該頁面創立前,你不應該寫重定向頁。


After making a redirect at a page, you can no longer get to that page by using its name or by any link using that name. However, near the top of the destination page, a notice that you have been forwarded appears, with the source pagename as an active link to it. Click this to get back to the redirected page, showing the large bent arrow symbol and the destination for the redirect.

By doing this, you can do all the things that any wiki page allows. You can go to the associated discussion page to discuss the redirect. You can view the history of the page, including a record of the redirect. You can edit the page if the redirect is wrong, and you can revert to an older version to remove the redirect.


There's generally no need to delete redirects. They do not occupy a significant amount of database space. If a page name is vaguely meaningful, there's no harm, and some benefit, in having it as a redirect to the more relevant or current page.

如果你真的需要刪除重定向(ex.假如該名字具有誹謗性),或是你希望減少人們從該名字切入文章的機會,那麼就照之前的方法進入後,跟著 Help:管理员删除和反删除操作 步驟做即可。


雙重重定向是指一個指向重定向頁的重定向,並且沒效用。 取而代之的,會顯示下一個重定向頁。 這是個深思熟慮過的規定,一來為了避免無限迴圈,二來是為了讓事情簡單點。

不過,你可以找出雙重定向並刪除他們,或是改成單獨的重定向。 你可能得經過大量的移動頁面來達成。 使用工具盒的"鏈入頁面"來找出特定頁面的雙重定向,或是用Special:DoubleRedirects來找出整個wiki的它們。

There is an option, $wgFixDoubleRedirects, to automatically fix double redirects with a job queue. However, it tends to aggravate page move vandalism, so it is disabled by default. The __STATICREDIRECT__ magic word can be used to skip the double-redirect fix on a particular page.



#REDIRECT [[:Category:Glossary]]


Users with the suppressredirect right may move a page without creating a redirect. By default this right is assigned to sysops and bots.