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Переход по ссылке «Настройки», появляющейся в правом верхнем углу страницы после входа в систему, позволяет вам изменить свои персональные настройки. Вы увидите там раздел с данными о вас (т.н. профиль участника), а также панель вкладок в верхней части страницы, предназначенных для изменения других параметров.

Профиль участникаEdit

Профиль участникаEdit

  • Username: Your user name. Only bureaucrats can change your username, and the wiki must also have the Renameuser extension installed.
  • <uid> A number assigned to your account when you created it (for example, if your number is 42 you are the 42nd user to sign up at this particular wiki). This number is used for internal purposes.
  • Number of edits: How many edits you have made. Not all wikis will have this.
  • Real name: If provided, this will be used for attribution (rather than using your username). Providing your real name is entirely optional. Some wikis do not have this option.
  • Email: Your email address, if you have supplied one. You can also change or remove your address here.
  • New signature: When you sign your name (using ~~~~), what you enter here will be used at the start instead of a simple link to your user page. By default, anything you enter here will be wrapped with [[ ]]; if you want to use special linking, enable Raw signatures (without automatic link).
  • Language: This controls what language the interface is displayed in. MediaWiki's default interface includes localisations for all supported languages, but this is not necessarily the case with extensions or custom skins. Page text will not be translated, nor will templates (unless the templates integrate text localisation).

Смена пароляEdit

Для смены своего пароля, введите старый пароль в первом поле и новый пароль в последних двух полях. Если вы хотите, чтобы сайт вас запомнил, нажмите «Запомнить мой логин на этом компьютере». Обратите внимание, что эта функция требует, чтобы у вас в браузере были включены файлы куки (cookie), и если вы удалите файл cookie или срок его действия истечёт, то вы не сможете войти и вам снова придется выполнить действия, чтобы сайт вас запомнил.

Электронная почта (E-mail)Edit

If you have supplied an email address, you will need to click the verify address button in order to use these functions. You will receive an email; simply open it and follow the link to enable the following functions.

  • Email me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed
  • Email me on replies to a thread I am watching
  • Email me also for minor edits of pages and files
  • Enable email from other users
  • Send me copies of emails I send to other users


From your preferences you can select what language you would like the interface to be in. Only the buttons like 'edit' and 'talk', in addition to a few pages in the sidebar, will be affected. The main text of the pages will not be changed by this for the vast majority of pages, although there are a few pages where it will, like some in the Wikimedia Meta Wiki.

Внешний видEdit

Here you can choose the skin you want to use. You can preview the available skins before choosing them, by clicking on the "Preview" link next to each skin. Please refer to Help:Стили оформления for more details.

Математические формулыEdit

Here you can control how mathematical equations described using the Extension:Math tag will be displayed. Mathematical formulae uploaded as images or written outside the math tag will not be affected by this setting. Note the math preferences will only be visible if Extension:Math is installed.

  • PNG images
  • MathML with SVG or PNG fallback (recommended for modern browsers and accessibility tools)
  • TeX source (for text browsers)


Here you can determine how images will be displayed. Images displayed by direct pasting of a URL (if the wiki has it enabled) will not be affected by this setting.

  • Image size limit:
    (for file description pages)
    This setting lets you choose how big image previews will be on the Image: pages. If you know what your current screen resolution is you may like to set this to one or two sizes smaller than your own screen. If you have a slow connection (such as dial-up) you may want to limit them to 320×240.
  • Thumbnail size: Define how big you want thumbnails to appear. This setting will not affect thumbnails with dimensions determined by an editor, nor can it increase images beyond their original dimensions.

Дата и времяEdit

Следующие настройки обычно выставляются в зависимости от предпочтений:

 [[2001-01-05]] (or [[2001]]-[[01-05]]) (with leading zeros)
 [[2001]] [[January 5]] ([[2001]] [[January 05]])
 [[January 5]], [[2001]] ([[January 05]], [[2001]])
 [[5 January]] [[2001]] ([[05 January]] [[2001]])
 [[January 5]] ([[January 05]])
 [[5 January]] ([[05 January]])


Эти настройки служат для управления редактированием страниц, включая возможность изменить размер окна редактирования, а также — будут ли автоматически включаться в ваш список наблюдения созданные или изменённые вами страницы.

Свежие правкиEdit

  • Days to show in recent changes: Here you can specify how far back the recent changes pages will go. Note that the list will stop prematurely if the number of edits is exceeded (see below).
  • Number of edits to show by default: Here you can specify how many edits should be displayed.

Список наблюденияEdit

These are the settings to control the behavior of the watchlist (See Help:Список наблюдения). Most of these options are also available on the watchlist display itself, but by setting them in your preferences, you control the default behavior of the watchlist i.e., it will perform the same actions every time you visit the page.


Default settings for searches including how many results to display and how much context to show for each result. Check the boxes next to the namespaces which you want to show up, the first time that you search for something. You can override this when doing an actual search, by checking or unchecking the boxes at the bottom of the search results screen.


Этот раздел содержит настройки, не подпадающие ни под одну из вышеназванных категорий — например, нумерация страниц или стиль выравнивания текста.

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